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Ten Tips to Choosing the Right ID Card Supplier

Okay, so at some point, we have all read these kinds of articles that tell you how the business has the latest technology, the fastest service, the fanciest packaging, and not to mention the fact that they’ve won hundreds of awards in the last 24 hours alone.

Well relax, we’re not going to do that – we’re just going to give you our honest take on what we feel you should look for when choosing an ID card supplier.

The fact that you’re reading this, is an indicator that you’re looking for a new supplier which is excellent.

It’s also highly likely that you’ve stepped onto that awful scale of overwhelm that kicks in as soon as we start researching absolutely anything online.

We feel your pain.

Instead of pushing the latest gimmicks or trying to bombard you with so much information you’ve gone off the whole idea altogether, let’s just stick to the basics.

In this post, we give you a run through of the top ten things we feel you need to consider when researching suppliers.

1. Established and Experienced

If you’re in business, you’ll know you don’t always get things right the first time.

Trying a young business that’s still finding its feet is great if you fancy risking being someone’s guinea pig.

However, as Digital ID was formed in 1995 we’re incredibly experienced and know what we’re doing – we’ve done all the learning for you for over 22 years.

Our confidence is the nice quiet variety that comes from continuing to build year upon year on what we’ve already been doing well.

We can pride ourselves on the volume of our customers returning to us whenever they need us, time after time.

2. Catering to Your Sector

It doesn’t matter which industry your business is a part of, we can help.

We provide solutions to Education, Corporate, Finance, Public Sector, Private Sector and so much more.

Always check that your supplier has a proven track record with other businesses in your field and ask for testimonials if required.

3. Time Saving 

We understand that you’ll want to know the best product for your needs.

Instead of making yet another list of pro’s and con’s we can chat with you properly and identify exactly what you need before your coffee has even gone cold.

We have 60 in-house staff including customer services and technical support team for unrivalled aftercare support too, so from start to finish, we’re equipped to confidently help you.

4. Fast as Well as Friendly 

With a variety of delivery options such as same day or next day delivery you don’t need to panic about the nameless masses at that event or activity in the morning – we’re on it.

5. Always Well Stocked

With the variety we offer we need to ensure your product is going to be ready at the drop of a hat and you can’t do that with a bit of luck or by only stocking our best sellers.

With over eight million items in stock at all times, it means we really can dispatch to you the same day if required.

6. No Cost Cutting

As official UK direct distributors of IDP Smart, Magicard, HID, and Fargo printers and consumables we only sell products of a quality that we totally trust.

Since 2015 alone we have designed and printed over 6 million personalised lanyards, sold 14.1 million plain and pre-printed lanyards, that works out at over 35,000 sold per day.

There’s no point spending years building up a great business if the products we source don’t back that up too – we want you to come back for repeat business, not a refund!

7. Experience and Quality? Sounds Expensive!

Nope! We can get a little bit cocky here guys. We’re very good at what we do so we can leave the expensive mistake making to other businesses allowing us to have our Price Match Promise on absolutely all items.

Regardless of your company size or budget, it’s important to us that we’re a viable solution to all businesses and we know this helps a lot!

8. Eco-Friendly

Ok, we understand this one may not be right at the top of everyone’s list, but when you serve as many customers as we do, we like to be considerate on all levels.

As a manufacturer of polyester-based products, we are proud to have taken multiple steps to limit waste, improve efficiency, and reduce the environmental impact of its production facilities.

9. Reviews – They Really DO Say It All

You can’t beat a first-hand recommendation or Word of Mouth, but Digital ID isn’t like a local restaurant that will pop up in conversation at a family party “Hey Bob, could you pass me a beer and did I tell you Digital ID absolutely saved the day last week at that Convention I arranged?” Hmm, it’s not likely.

But with over five hundred totally independent 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, we actively encourage you to take a look for yourself.

10. Undisguised Honesty

See what we did there? Maybe a slight play on words but let’s not dilute the fact that we’ll always be totally clear and transparent with you.

We’ll never oversell our services or products, and are always looking for the right solution for you.

Our customers are often unsure of which product would be best for them when they initially come to us.

With a team as experienced as ours, we can establish precisely what you need and then work with you to provide it in the best way for your needs, not ours.

There you go – that’s us.

We know exactly what we do and exactly who we are.

If you allow us to do our job correctly, you’ll not only still know who you are, but you’ll soon be wearing a high quality product and saving money.

If you’d like to see how we can help your organisation, then give one of our card printing experts a call today on 0800 988 2095.

Adam Bennet
Adam has been the Digital Marketing Manager here at Digital ID since 2015. Adam is in charge of the content creation and promotion on our blog and has been featured on sites like Entrepreneur, Talk-Business and Brighter Business to name a few. See what he gets up to in the office by following him on Twitter @adamjbenno.

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