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Personalised Lanyards: Understanding the Material Types & Printing Methods

Best Personalised Lanyards

In our latest post, we run through the various material types and printing methods available when ordering personalised lanyards through Digital ID.

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Digital ID & GDPR: What You Need to Know

You may already be aware that on the 25th May 2018, the current UK Data Protection Act is being replaced by the EU General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as the GDPR.

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Effects of GDPR on ID Card Printing

Effects of GDPR on ID card printing.

Are you responsible for printing photo ID cards? As of the 25th May 2018, GDPR will impact on your responsibilities.

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Card Printing Tips & Advice

My ID Card Printer is Printing Pale Cards or Keeps Reporting Multiple Error’s

If your card printer is printing out a very pale card or is reporting multiple errors when you try to print please check the power supply that is being used with your printer.

All card printers are supplied with a specific PSU (power supply unit) bespoke to the printer model. These are always rated at 24v output which is the voltage required for a card printer to function properly.

Although other IT equipment may have a similar looking PSU it will undoubtedly have a lower power rating and will not work with your printer correctly.

These are the most common PSU’s that are shipped with card printers
  • The above photo shows the most common PSU’s that come with printers supplied on the market today.

Evolis = Switchbox

HID Fargo = LHV

Magicard = Sunpower

Zebra = Zebra

Datacard = Cincon

IDP Smart = Adapter Tech

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Card Printing Tips & Advice

How to Add a UV Feature to Printed Cards Using EasyBadge

To add the UV feature to your printed cards, this needs to take place at the same time as printing a regular card.

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