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Is Your ID Card Printer Out of Date? (Part One)

Is Your ID Card Printer Out of Date?

Is your ID card printer out of date?

In this four-part series, we will be looking specifically at all things related to outdated ID card printers.

Each post will cover a different angle, ranging from:

  • Identifying if your printer is out of date
  • The risks of using an outdated printer
  • How to prolong the life of your printer
  • What to consider when upgrading a printer
  • Trade-in offers for 2019

Identifying if Your ID Card Printer is Out of Date

It’s inevitable that over time your ID card printer will become outdated.

What was the latest model in 2013, could be the next in a long line of discontinue items.

Most organisations continue to use their machine until it will physically no longer print, which if you ask us, is the worst way to go about this.

Compare this to your car.

If you knew it wasn’t driving correctly, would you continue to do so until you broke down?

All ID card printers have a life expectancy, but sometimes, a better course of action is to make a change before an issue arises.

Let’s start by looking at ways you can identify if your current printer is out of date, or if it’s time for a re-think.

Out of date IDP Smart 30 upgraded to IDP Smart 31.

Out of Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover

Every printer comes with a warranty period ranging from two to five years.

This is a statement of trust from the manufacturer validating the quality of their machine.

If your printer is out of warranty, this is a perfect time to think about trading in or upgrading.

Regularly Breaking Down

Is your ID card printer continually breaking or experiencing problems when printing?

This is one of the most common signs that a printer has passed its best by date.

Of course, it can be taken in for repair and this often helps the card printer work for longer, but you are only putting off the inevitable and racking up repair costs in the meantime.

Not Compatible with Current System

As time goes on, all printer models are replaced with newer, more relevant models, and eventually the updates for the older models will no longer be supported.

Outgrown Your Printer

At the time of purchase, your ID card printer will cater to all your current needs.

But often, as companies expand and their priorities change, they can outgrow their card printer.

You may need additional security protection, or you have rebranded resulting in a more complex design. Perhaps you are printing much larger volumes than your present printer can handle?

If you fall into one of the categories above, don’t worry.

The cards you are printing may still be doing what you need them to, however, we need to make you aware of the risks of using an outdated ID card printer.

Lucky for you that’s coming up in part two of our series.

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