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IDP Smart Bit: The Must Have ID Product of 2018 and Probably 2019.

IDP Smart Bit

When your ID card printer ribbon runs out, do you just throw the ribbon in the bin?

If you do, please watch the short video below as you’re probably breaching GDPR regulations.

Sensitive data that is printed onto an ID card is left as a trail on a used printer ribbon, so when that ribbon is simply placed into a waste bin, that data is visible for all to see.

The consequences to yourself and the organisation can be detrimental.

In some instances, organisations treat used printer ribbons the same as confidential waste and will rely on a 3rd party confidential waste service to dispose of their used ribbons.

Up until now, using a 3rd party service was the best solution, but with the shredder instantly disposing used printer ribbons from all card printer manufacturers there’s simply no excuse to not be in total control of the secure disposal of your data.

But what benefits will the Smart BIT shredder bring to my organisation and me?

Ease of Use

The shredder is incredibly easy to use, taking just 60 seconds to set up. The auto-stop feature means the machine will automatically stop once the job has been completed, or when the waste bag is full saving valuable time.

Twisted Micro Cut Technology 

Each ribbon is shredded into tiny unrecognisable particles, that are approximately 2.5mm, meaning they are unreadable and unable to be put back together.

Unrecognisable card printer ribbon particles from the IDP Smart Bit


Lightweight and compact, the shredder can be easily moved from location to location.


The big plus point is the shredder is not restricted to just IPD Smart ribbons. The shredder is fully compatible with all leading printer manufacturer brands and can shred dye-sub, wax and resin ribbons from 60mm to 90mm.


The Smart BIT can shred up to 20 meters of ribbon per minute. That’s an incredible 1,200 meters an hour.

IDP Smart Bit Speed


By instantly shredding your ribbons on site, you’re following best practice and also ensuring you are never in breach of GDPR regulations. In essence, the Smart Bit could keep you in a job.

There are multiple benefits this machine has to offer, so ask yourself, is this a product you think your organisation needs?

If the answer is yes, then we’ve got good news for you.

The Smart-Bit shredder is now in stock, and available as of the 2nd November 2018.

We anticipate this product to be one of our best selling items of 2018, and probably 2019 so be quick placing your order.

You can order online by visiting , or email



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