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What are the Benefits of Issuing Personalised Lanyards?


What are the benefits of issuing personalised lanyards? The answer; quite a fair few.

If your business or organisation issues personalised lanyards, then answer this simple question; what triggered you to start using them?

The number one answer will most probably be for security reasons, because of this, not a lot of thought goes into the purchasing process, and many opportunities are missed.

Lanyards offer multiple benefits to both the organisation and the individual wearing it.

In this post, we have outlined the multiple benefits this product can provide to any workplace environment.

All that’s left now is to dive into the list and take inspiration that you can put to valuable use.

What are the Benefits?


By adding a level of personalisation such as text, image, or a logo to your lanyards, you instantly add a level of security to the business.

The risk of a security breach is less probable as any unauthorised person can be identified quickly, by checking to see if they are wearing a printed lanyard.

Many businesses and organisations used them to attach photo ID badges that will allow access to different parts of the building.

Another tip when it comes to security is to issue a different colour or add a unique design to lanyards worn by visitors or contractors while they’re on-site. This way staff or security personnel instantly know who these people are and that they have gone through the correct sign-in process.

Increase Profits & Make New Sales

Believe it or not, but many organisations continue to use traditional marketing as a way of generating new sales, which, in return increases profit. The good news is that printed lanyards fall into this category.

Something that can be seen can install an initial level of trust on the average customer.

You can efficiently use lanyards, staff ID cards, and other items to boost your sales in a way that is often not considered by others.

Brand Visibility

Every business needs to stand out as your target customers are being bombarded with noise every minute of the day.

If your employees meet potential customers, face to face, or are out on the road most of their working day, then adding your company name, logo, or unique piece of text will significantly increase your brand visibility!


If you commute to work using public transport or are located in a shared office space, then a benefit of opting for a printed lanyard is the positioning.

Printed lanyards are usually positioned at eye level which makes them extremely difficult to miss when you have one around your neck. The benefit here is that the person you are talking to will instantly look towards eye level, therefore giving extra focus towards the lanyard. They might not know your name straight away, but we’re confident in saying they will remember your brand.

All you have to do now is talk to as many people as possible while on your way to work or your lunch break.


Trust and first impressions play a big part in the success of any business.

Within the sales world, people often say that the customer doesn’t buy into the product, they buy into the person selling it to them.

When your employee visits a customer at their home, office, or even at a local coffee shop, that first encounter could lead to a successful long-term partnership.

More prominent corporations such as British Gas are a prime example of this and have recently revisited their policies, and are now issuing their field staff with photo ID and lanyards.

Productivity & Well-Being

If you were asked to wear a red lanyard or a customised red lanyard which included your business or organisations branding, which one would you choose?

Whether you’re issuing the lanyard to staff members, students, or even to an event attendee, give them something they will want to wear and be proud of wearing.

Within the office environment, a lanyard provides a sense of belonging, and if staff feel looked after then, this could have a positive effect on productivity levels.


The overall investment required for personalised lanyards compared to other types of promotional products or marketing campaigns is significantly lower and has a stronger ROI.

Plain coloured lanyards work just as efficiently as printed lanyards, but if you’re buying in bulk, printed lanyards, become a very cost-effective solution and also give your brand a more professional look.

Clothing & Uniform Friendly

When asking staff or even visitors to wear such items, you don’t want to damage their clothing. As they’re only worn around the neck, any form of a lanyard is always going to be dress friendly.

Leave a comment below if you know of any other benefits that we’ve missed in the post.


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